How do we have nearly 6 million work-hours with zero incidents?

Our BBSM program has logged tens of thousands of observations. These allow us to track and trend things that otherwise might fly under the radar. For an example, see our case study, "non-traditional sharps" at the bottom of this page.

Computer-Based Training is provided for both all of our annual training required courses as well as safety enrichment classes such as food safety, firewatch, and other topics. We continue to add to the available courses.

Our Mentoring Program pairs a member of senior management with each new hire. This helps to ease the transition into a new organization for the new team member, and also signals to the entire team that we have a personal interest in everyone's success. It works. Since implementation several years ago, our dropout rate of new hires has declined by more than 25%.

The results don't just show up in numbers; they show up in customer satisfaction and quality of life for everyone...